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A Serpent Uncoiled

The tale of a Fixer in London's underworld, forced to confront not only a terrifying killer but his own broken brain.  "A wry, witty, and utterly unique take on the classic Private Eye novel."

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The story of a buttoned-down Hitman whose victims refuse to stay dead.

"A tour de force."  - The Times


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The Simping Detective

Meet Jack Point: an undercover cop in  a city where "blending-in" means dressing like a clown and acting like a moron. This, after all, is Mega City One, home of Judge Dredd, where being a P.I. is a one-way ticket to resyk.


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Bec and Kawl: Bloody Students

Rebecca "Bec" Miller is a death-obsessed art student, Jarrod Kawl is a movie geek and member of the living dead - or so he believes. Together they're magnets for every supernatural loon and cosmic nutcase in town.


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In Fetu

A short creator-owned webcomic, illustrated by Chris Mitten, designed specifically to give you the Heebie Jeebies.


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