There are two Simon Spurriers.


Si#1 is a crime novelist. Si#2 writes comics.

Over the past eight years Si#2 has worked with the likes of Marvel, D.C., Avatar Press and 2000AD, scripting titles such as The X-Men, Silver Surfer, Crossed and Judge Dredd.

Si#1's first non-syndicated prose novel Contract (Pub: Hodder Headline) was released in 2007. A fusion of crime and hellish nightmare, it was described by The Times as "a tour de force."

His latest title, A Serpent Uncoiled (2011, Hodder Headline) is a "wry, witty and utterly unique take on the classic Private-Eye novel", and is further detailed below.

All up-to-date news and reviews (plus assorted brainfarts) can be found on the BLOG shared by both Simons. They're active among online communities (currently helming the Whitechapel Forums), and can be followed on Twitter HERE.

They sometimes argue, but the makeup sex is always worth it.

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A missing mobster. A bizarre spiritualist society. And three deaths, linked by a chilling forensic detail.

Working as an enforcer in London's criminal underworld brought Dan Shaper to the edge of a breakdown. Now he's a private investigator, kept perilously afloat by a growing cocktail of drugs. He needs to straighten up and rebuild his life, but instead gets the attention of his old gangland masters and a job offer from Mr George Glass. The elderly eccentric claims to be a New Age Messiah, but now needs a saviour of his own. He's been marked for murder.

Adrift amidst liars and thugs, Shaper must push his capsizing mind to its limits: stalked not only by a terrifying killer, but by the ghosts of his own brutal past.




TPB ISBN: 978-0755335923

Kindle/eBook ASIN: B005AVIV64

M.M. paperback ISBN: 978-0755335930


Inside the U.K.: Rachel Calder at The Sayle Literary Agency.


For film rights/screenwork: Matthew Bates at Sayle Screen.

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